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Recruiting company.
Since 2010, the main direction of Nikoloz-job is the organization of workers from Ukraine for agricultural work in the Republic of Finland.

The specialization of the company is the selection of employees from Ukraine in the field of agriculture and beyond.

Website: nikoloz-job.ua
Bitrix version: Standard
Number of people: 56
Goal (Nikolay) - Migration from AMO CRM, receiving and processing leads in one place, integration with Instagram, FB, Telegram, Viber. Supervision of the managers work.
  • to automate the managers' work
  • to reduce managers' work time
  • systematization of orders
  • possibility to analyze sales according to particular KPIs
  • to organize the work of managers
  • to integrate viber, telegram, instagram, facebook, telephony, e-mail
  • to create an opportunity to work with regular customers
  • to allocate clients according to their fields of activity
  • to receive reports
  • not satisfied with AMO crm. they need to swift to a more comfortable one.
Scheme of work
Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Viber
  • 1C
  • CRM form
  • Add name and date
  • Setting tasks
  • Data transfer for contract
  • Tasks controlling for the manager
  • Automatic reminder to manager

The owner of the company, Nikoloz Druzdov revieved a system of work for managers.Regular technical support upon request.

Thanks to the introduction of the Knowledge Database and training of managers, the company was able to quickly hire and induct 3-4 managers per month. With the introduction of the system, the company increased the directions of work from
3 to 9

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