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Today, the prices for new computers and laptops are not only high, but mostly overpriced for the unobvious benefits.

Shop 775.com.ua offers a great output- branded computer technology from Europe at the best prices in Ukraine! You can buy used computers, laptops, monitors, accessories and peripheral equipment from 775.com.ua.

Website: 775.com.ua
Bitrix version: Standard
Number of people: 45
Purpose (775) - to organize the purchasing process through the CRM.
  • to form the model of tasks
  • to set up Bitrix
  • to create an organization structure of the company
  • to automate the company processes
  • to manage the purchasing work
Tilda Publishing

  • automation of deals shift
  • automation of adding tasks
  • defect tracking
  • automation of task control
  • automation of payment tasks
The owner of the company Sergey Vasiliev received an automated purchasing department. Purchasing control system. Quality control system.

In the process of work, the company reduced the time spent on processing applications by 35%. Increased quality control to 90%

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