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and a reliable partner you can rely on in any situation.
We provide transportation
in Ukraine in any weather conditions.

Website: trans-star.com.ua
Bitrix version: standard
The number of employees: 15
The owner of the company, Artem Mukhoyan, came with a particular request:
  • Collect all applications in the one place (website, mail, telegram, viber, social networks)
  • the ability to have a list of customers who have not placed orders for a month
  • report on the quantity of trips per month
  • the quantity of new and repeat customers
  • the amount of operations per month/week for each logistician
  • profit from each company
  • revenue
Trans-star. Scheme of work

Tilda Publishing

Tilda Publishing

Integrations and Automation
  • automatic filling of a lead source
  • control of new leads
  • transfer of the leads from the manager to the logistician and vice versa
  • notification of the manager about new lea
  • changing the person in change at a certain stage
  • manager's reminder of overdue tasks
  • control over the quantity of the delivered cargo
  • operating income calculation

All customer requests are implemented.

Due to the implementation, Artem saw that 2 out of 7 logisticians

operate at a loss for the company. He switched them and company's profit increased by 20%.

Having the information and data about the quality of the clients and their cost-effectiveness he was able to rebuild his work and increase profit by another 30%

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