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The "turnkey" building of cottage houses in the Dnipro is the realization of your dream without unnecessary troubles and worries, a guarantee of quality from a real estate developer with more than 16 years of experience, DNIPROBUD. All legal issues are strictly regulated by the signed contract. Applying to us, you can have confidence that the price of building the house will be fixed and will not change during the period of cooperation.

Website: dniprobud.com.ua
Bitrix version: standard
The number of employees:: 56
The goal (Dniprobud) is to automate the work of managers and organize the interaction of the design department.
  • to automate the managers work
  • to reduce managers work time
  • the control of work with current clients
  • automation of the design department work
  • possibility to analyze sales according to particular KPIs
  • integration with the web-site, telephony, e-mail.
Scheme of work
Tilda Publishing
  • Facebook
  • Web-site
  • E-mail
  • Telephony
  • automatic identification of the source
  • automatic status change
  • project department automation
  • building department automation
  • automatic setting of tasks
  • automatic distribution of tasks between employees
The owner of the company, Denis Dubinki, received a unified system for processing orders from receiving an application to submitting a finished house project. Increased turnover by 25%.

Got a system for setting, controlling and transferring tasks between designers and managers. The manager can always sees at what stage the project of each client is. The number of "lost" leads was reduced to 0. The time spent by designers on projects was reduced by 22%.

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